Meet the Blogger

Hi there! I'm Rachel.

I think this is the part where I say I am just your typical normal girl living in southern California, but oh what a lie that would be!

I'm eighteen years old (striving to survive my last year of Highschool, FINALLY!!). I'm currently working on figuring out my plans for college but besides the educational part of life I realized I tend to enjoy the artsy, wanderlust side a bit more. I mean can you blame me? Painting and traveling sounds a lot more entertaining than sitting and studying!

Arts and crafts has basically become part of me. At this point I think there is glitter running through my veins. My desire and love for traveling and exploring is no different. Some quick facts about me: I LOVE Disneyland! I have a wonderful boyfriend whom I love with all my heart. Chocolate is my go to in any situation

I strongly believe we were all put on this earth for a reason. I'm here to hopefully brighten your day and bring some well needed positivity to the world! So please join me on this journey and let's make some wonderful memories together!

"Being happy never goes out of style" -Lilly Pulitzer

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