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Monday, February 4, 2019

A couple years ago while having a discussion with this girl she told me something I've always held onto. She said, "I go on so many hikes, and really see how beautiful this Earth is, and I just couldn't see how this could be made other than by God." At first I wasn't a strong believer in Him so I didn't really get it. I thought the Earth just evolved and yeah it was beautiful.
However as time has gone by I see it all in a new light. I see the birds and the trees and the grass. There is inner and outer beauty in each little thing and I am amazed. This is God. This is God's work and I am forever fascinated by it.
It's a rare day when it rains in California, and this rain has been off and on for the past couple days, but today I felt especially effected by this rain. For once I really enjoyed the trickling sound outside of my window and when it began to pour harder my smile grew larger. The beauty the rain makes once it is done is my favorite part. I put on my largest jacket and headed outside. I was fearful of getting drenched but it was actually the perfect amount of rain. When I got outside I stopped for a moment. Not caring if the rain was going to ruin my just straightened hair. No, I stood and soaked in every rain drop that fell on me.
When it rains it can pour but no matter how hard it pours, a rainbow will always find a way to shine through.
God created this beautiful mess. That's right, rain is messy. Rainbows are beautiful. It is all done by gone.
So the next time you are overwhelmed by life or angry with God. Just take a moment to actually stop, and soak in the beauty He has put into our lives. When we focus on the problems in our lives and stress about them, we are ignoring every amazing thing God is doing for us.
I hope you all are enjoying the rain as much as I am and soaking in the beauty God is putting right in front of our eyes. :)


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