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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Making things yourself is one of, in my opinion, best things in the world. You have control over every aspect of your project. Art therapy is just my favorite form of therapy, and it's cheaper! And here I really wanna strive to make the fact of being cheap a main highlight of it all. Crafting can potentially be an expensive hobby IF not done carefully, that's why I want to give as many tips as I can to help you make your crafting dreams a reality without breaking the bank!

Today I'm gonna teach you how to make these DIY terrariums that are completely customizable and can match anyones personal aesthetic!

The terrarium I purchased was on sale for 70% off because they were apart of a summer collection that was no longer current so both cost me roughly $6 together. Now I know it is hard to know when to know when a product will be 70% off and even more so if that product will be in stock when you want it, that is more of those if you get lucky moments. But I promised you a cheap DIY and I am here to deliver that! The terrarium I linked from Michaels cost $10.99 and is considered a regular priced item therefore you can use a coupon on it! Michaels typically have 40% coupons on their website to make sure you check their coupons BEFORE GOING TO PURCHASE YOUR GOODIES! They also take competitors coupons so make sure you check Hobby Lobby and Joanns for other coupons that may apply!
Here is a 2 pack terrarium for $12.59 on amazon! Check around in stores and online for other glass bottles you may be interested in using for your!
For your sand layers Michaels offers a wide variety of colors for $3.99 and these would also qualify for the 40% off coupon! Remember if you wanna keep the cost of your DIY down it may require multiple trips to the craft store the get the lowest prices.
I couldn't find the link to the exact pebbles I had gotten but these river pebbles are precious, adorable and perfect for a little terrarium and again only $3.99!
The fake flowers and succulents are going to be the most expensive portion of your terrarium. I suggest really digging to find a good deal for these. A couple tips I have are finding a fake succulent "branch" that has multiple succulents on it that way you aren't buying multiple pieces. If you want to buy flowers for yours go for the off season flowers because they will be greatly on sale, I believe mine were 50% off! The dollar tree also offers really cute flowers for a dollar! These succulents are the perfect example of buying one piece with multiple succulents on it. Flower bouquets are a perfect way of cheaply incorporating flowers into your design since bouquets provide multiple different leave and flowers!
The twine I used is one of my favorite crafting items to have on hand and is only $3!

I made a pinterest board full of inspiration for your terrariums! I'd love to go thrifting for an odd glass jar to use the next time I make a terrarium!

Make sure you check out my Youtube video for all the details to make your own! Make sure you hashtag your creations to #fairytalediy so I can see what you made!
Love you guys so much!

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