High School Really Does Fly By

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Highschool. Some dread it and some look forward to it since they were children. I was probably somehwere in the middle going into it after 8th grade. I dreaded having to learn new halls and meet new teachers but I adored the idea of becoming an adult and having more freedom. But there is definitely a needed balance to everything. Balancing friends and extra curricular activities, boy friends/ relationships and friends, family and school, work and school, etc.

Freshman year I felt so ignorant. There was no drama except for an occasional tiny one but nothing that had me crying myself to sleep at night.
Sophomore year became the opposite. So much drama I felt my head would explode.
Junior year came a sense of relief and a bit of self finding. I discovered more about myself and what I wanted in life.
Senior year was hard. It felt a bit lonely at times, but their is always a light at the end of each tunnel and mine was graduation. Once graduation hit, it was all over. So what next?

I want to give a piece of advice based on each year I spent in high school. Although the people who read my blog are either my age or older, I really hope to inspire some girls entering high school and to hopefully help make the high school experience a great once for them.

  1. Everyone is going to tell you to "Do it all!" And, they're right. Now this doesn't mean you need to see every single sporting event your school holds but make it to the important ones. Your schools homecoming game is a must. And on the flip side of that, if you can be in the half time show, GO FOR IT! No one in your stadium stands will be able to point yourself so don't give me the excuse you're too embarrassed. Go to every dance and no, you do not need a boy to take you to a dance. In my opinion I've had more fun at dances I've gone to with my friends than with a boy! Don't feel like you can't do something because your group of friends doesn't do that thing. If you want to join Choir or play Volleyball, go for it. Good friends will support you in those decisions and be by your side at every concert or game. If they don't show, then maybe you should be looking for some new friends. Your friends help build you up, especially in high school. If your friends aren't loving and supporting you have some major reevaluating to do!
  2. Boys are not forever. Boys are not the key to having a happy life. You're too young to date. Now I'm kidding about the last one but in all seriousness if your mom or dad is driving you to your dates you may just want to wait the year and get your license and then start the adventure of relationships. I had my first relationship when I was 15 years old and I will say I wish I had waited. I think being that young you don't realize how you're suppose to be treated and your really vulnerable to just about everything. Take relationships seriously but not too seriously. No one should be lying to your or treating you horribly, but odds are your first relationship will not be your last. 
  3. Love yourself. Love yourself. Love yourself! High school is tough, no one will argue with that. You have to take care of yourself in the midst of all the other drama. Yes you should be getting your homework done, but if you find yourself up at 3 a.m. then you need to go to bed and figure out how to schedule your life differently in order to get at least 8 hours of sleep, it IS possible.
  4. Be outgoing. Be brave. The introvert in me found it very difficult this year to leave my comfort zone. To be honest I had a lot of personal issues going on during this last year of my life. Going out and doing stuff with friends was difficult. I had some very close friends of mine hurt me deeply and that really effected me, but life goes on. When life gets to its toughest points you have to remember to keep going. I really found comfort in my bedroom this year which was hard at the same time. I knew by staying home I wouldn't get hurt in any way. But your friends are inviting you to hang out GO! Your friends love you they really do. It may feel at times that the world is against you but it isn't and neither are your friends. 
I'm currently enrolled in a community college and beginning my next adventure, but it isn't easy. I get really stressed not knowing what my future looks like, and honestly I think that's pretty normal! When we fell down or stressed or anxious I think we tend to forget that there are tons of others who are feeling the same way as us. You're not alone in life and everything WILL work itself out!!

Thanks for tagging along in my high school experience! Now onto college! 

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  1. Congratulations Rachel! Time really does fly. And I love the pieces of advice you're offering. I absolutely agree with number 2. However, I don't regret any of my relationships, even the bad ones. I guess I needed them to realize that I absolutely deserve better. :)



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