A Night To Remember

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Once again I've endured one of my lasts of High School. This one will probably be something I miss the most because dressing up all nice and dancing with your friends is just simply a fun time.
But also can we talk about how stressful school dances can be? I've never had an easy group that every one agreed on a location for picture and place to eat, it was always the biggest hassle! Anyone else have this happen to them? That's why I kind of took the reigns for my final Prom, and it seemed to work out really well. We went to a pretty popular photo spot where there was an Italian restaurant steps away.

Now ladies here is my biggest tip. It is NEVER to early to start looking for your prom dress! And when you find the one you love BUY IT! I found this gorgeous, elegant looking dress and when I went to buy it a week later it was sold out... So my mom and I quickly went to google to find a new one and luckily we did! Also if you aren't sure of your dress size buy two and return one! Most school dance dress stores online have really good shipping policies for this reason! But always look into it prior to buying!

When it comes to getting ready for the day I feel like every girl has a really different routine. Mine went a little something like this. My nail appointment was at 9 am, so I woke up around 8 o'clock and washed my face. I put my hair into a bun and went to Starbucks. It's always a good day when you have a free reward at Starbucks right?! I treated myself with a Venti strawberry açaí refresher but instead of water I do soy milk, cause its delicious! I got my nails done and was super impressed with the outcome. I recommend not trying a new nail salon the day of prom just incase it turns out to be not what you were hoping for. After that I head home and shave my legs, even though Prom is a long dress occasion I find the need to fully pamper myself. After the I curl my hair and then do my makeup. Then I go back to my hair to style it, I just like to give my curls a little time to set before I do anything with them. Then I slip into my dress, add some heals (and some Adidas to switch into before the dance!) And Voila!

I seriously adore going to dances and please remember you do NOT need a date to have fun at a dance! The worst thing is hearing you won't have a good time because you're just with your friends, most of the time the dances you go to single with your friends are the best ones of all!

If you went to Prom this month send me your pictures I'd love to see them!!


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