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Saturday, April 21, 2018

In no way am I a makeup expert. When it comes to the realm of makeup I did not get any talents of any sorts... So these are really just opinions I have from my recent ColourPop purchase. Take it as you want.
The first palette I got was the Take Me Home eye shadow palette that includes 6 eye shadows. Like I said I really don't know much about makeup but I knew I really wanted matte eyeshadows because all I have at home is glittery cheap eye shadows... This palette is so perfect for anyone like me because of how underwhelming it is, but underwhelming in a good way. I love that when I use it I don't have to question if what I'm using will look okay together because they all work together already. These eye shadows are very pigmented and it's on sale currently for $10!

The second palette is a little more intense but has some similar colors to Take Me Home so I really like them because they work well together. Give It To Me Straight has a couple more glittery eyeshadows than I wanted, however they aren't too crazy which makes me very happy. I will say with this palette you need to swatch them first because a couple of the colors do not look the same on your eyelids as they do in the palette. It isn't a crazy difference but it was enough for me to notice. Over all I really enjoy this palette. It includes 12 eyeshadows for $16, which to me seems like a very good deal.

Lastly I got two lippie stix. I purchased the colors sike and aquarius. Now first off let me say I am a proud Aquarius and so I was really really hoping this color would be amazing and... it... IS! If you're looking for a pinky nude then this is the color for you. I love the effortless look of this color and not to mention the formula of the lippie stix is incredibly nice on the lips.
Now sike is another story. I'm not sure entirely what I feel about this. Right now every time I wear it I tend to feel like it is making my skin look incredibly pale because of the brightness of the color. It feels like the type of color you need to be wearing the right clothes to rock it correctly. I'm not against the color, it is completely gorgeous and I've been dying to try out a coral-y lip color, I'm just working on how to make it work with my style.

That's all friends! I really really recommend colourpop if you're on a budget! It's good quality for a good price!
Do you use colourpop products? What's your favorite?!



  1. these colors are BEAUTIFUL!! I'm not a big makeup person but I might have to grab these!

  2. These are very cute and thank you so much for sharing your review of this product.

  3. I am not a big makeup person myself and always stick to subtle and natural colors because I always end up looking like a raccoon if I try anything darker �� Definitely gonna give these a try - love the colors ❤️

  4. these colors would look great on just about everyone!

  5. I have been meaning to try more of Colourpop's products, and this post has inspired me more! I completely relate to not being much of a makeup person, so I love when I find more neutral colors like these that don't feel so outside of my comfort zone!

  6. Love finding good beauty posts with tips :)


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