march madness

Monday, March 19, 2018

It's not just a basketball term, it's representation of my life currently.
 How is everyone? I know it has been a while and I am so sincerely sorry for that. These last two months have been so insanely hectic for me. I've been going through a lot of personal issues that pretty much sucked the inspiration out of me. It's hard to produce creative things when my mind is engulfed with stress and anxiety. I'm taking it day by day so don't worry about me. I remind myself I have my friends, family, and God by my side and it all become just a tiny bit easier. If you guys have any meditation tips or ways to help clear the mind give me the details!

I treated myself to getting my own Canon G7X Mark II and I cannot wait to start taking some lovely pictures and editing some crazy videos for you guys to see! I really want to work on continuing my Youtube channel so fingers crossed I get some time to create some content! In two weeks the long awaited Spring Break will be upon us and I will finally get time to breathe! From April 1st-3rd I'll be in San Diego with my boyfriend enjoying a casual vacation! We got our own airBNB down there and it is the cutest little things. I swear the pictures will just be adorable!
Later this week I get to go to a theatre festival that I've been going to since freshman year so this will be my last one and I'm feeling pretty melancholy but mainly just excitement! I love having something to look forward to, it's as though it makes the bad things disappear because we can focus on the good things! I've got about two and a half months left of school and the countdown is really hitting me. It is so crazy to think I'll be going to college this fall. Oh yea, I'll be attending Long Beach Community College in the fall as well! If you have any college advice please let me know!

Thanks for all the love everyone! I hope you're having a wonderful day/year/week and that all is well in your lives!


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