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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

How do you plan? Are you a calendar person? Do you use a planner? If so, big or small? Do you use your phone to keep your life in order?

Ya know, truthfully, I've struggled majorly with keeping a planner and actually using it. I always hated the fact my homework took up a majority of the room in it and therefore I could never write down anything else I had planned.

Well! I have FINALLY found a solution to this problem. The Happy Planner. This is in no way sponsored, I just honestly love this product because it is the first planner that has worked for me. If you go to their website you'll see a full on explanation of how The Happy Planner works. However in summary it is a planner that comes in three sizes. I use the largest currently. The way the paper is punched and the rings it uses allows you to easily insert and remove paper as you wish. Now at first I thought, "Why would I want to remove pages of my planner?"
But then I realized, I don't need months that are far away making my planner heavier, so I set aside the last couple months in the year.

The planner itself comes in what I'd describe as a "grid" configuration. Each day has three boxes underneath, as you can see in my photos. Now I know some people don't like that this planner doesn't have lines that you can write on, but honestly, my handwriting is so awful I don't mind this factor. The Happy Planner also offers sticker books that enhance your week! I don't know why but I truly think this is the best idea ever. When I know I'm going to have a tough or stressful week I go CRAZY with my stickers! I think it just helps me breath when looking at a hectic week.

The Happy Planner also offers extension packs such as note taking paper and budgeting sheets. I highly recommend to look at their products if you're trying to find a good way to stay organized!

Tell me in the comments what planner you use! I'd love to hear other brands people love!


  1. I LOVE a good planner! I currently am using Plum Papers planner, but will defiantly check out the happy planner! I really like those stickers! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I use a bullet journal, but I've seen the Happy Planner and I think if I wasn't bullet journaling, it would be my next choice. Very cute and friendly. And lots of options!

  3. This is SO cute! I use a bullet journal here, but this still gives me some inspiration for that! Check out my post about bullet journals for more ideas.. livebythesunshine is the name of my blog!


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