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Saturday, January 13, 2018

If you know me, you know I LOVE my mantra bands!
If you don't know what mantra bands are, check out their website or go to their instagram. These 
are simple bracelets and necklaces with little sayings that you can wear around and to me they
remind me of important things. My best friend Sammie gifted me one on my birthday that says "be true. be you. be kind." and my boyfriend gave me the "you're my person" bracelet for Christmas. I also purchased the "forever friends" bracelet for my two best friends and me.

These bracelets are so important to me because in times of anxiety or nervousness, I am able to 
look down and be reminded of the things that matter the most to me.

I got an email from mantra band and the heading was "Replace your 2018 resolutions with these 
affirmations". I thought this was incredibly powerful. Of course I find resolutions to be a good way of planning our goals for the year, however, we so often forget about self love. We see ourselves 
as important only if someone else thinks we are important. Or that we are beautiful only if 
someone else tells us we are beautiful. But why can’t we tell ourselves those things and believe it 
to be true? Well, we can. An affirmation is the process of affirming something, it is also an 
emotional support or encouragement. Having daily affirmations is a great way to increase our levels of self love and self confidence. When we hear things repeated over and over we begin to 
believe it. So I encourage you all to add this to your daily morning routine. Go to a mirror and 
repeat three affirmations. Let’s all try to make this a daily habit!

If you’re in need of some affirmation ideas check out my pinterest board dedicated to them! 
Remember to follow it, I’m always adding new ones!

Here are a couple of my favorite affirmations:
1. My focus is now on being the best version of me

2. I release myself from my past and step confidently into my future

3. I choose to be happy

4. I will persist until I succeed

There are so many more beautiful ones but I don’t think anyone wants to read that much!

My amazingly talented friend Sammie creates beautiful calligraphy artwork and shares them 
with everyone on her instagram @_the_power_of_words
I highly recommend checking her out because her art is truly inspirational!

Here are a couple that I asked her to make to share with you guys! I chose a couple more 
affirmations for you guys!



  1. I love the affirmation ..great job!

  2. I love absolutely everything about this and you my forever friend!

  3. love the motivation!!!


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