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Monday, December 18, 2017

Oh how it has been a while, but don't think i've forgotten about all of you! Sorry for the lack of posts but life got the best of me... So let's catch up!
How are you?
How have you been?
What's on your mind?
   I sure am...!

Well now that we've covered the basics I think it is time to get to the actual point of this post! If you're like me then you agree that those Christmas bags from stores just don't match the aesthetic I'm going for. (Yes even my Christmas Gift Wrapping needs to be aesthetically please cause DUH! I gotta keep up with the Pinterest trends! BTW are you following me on Pinterest?? If you aren't what are you waiting for!) A lot of the packaging I see on Pinterest is the brown wrapping paper and added details of whites and green. Now I adore the brown natural vibes but I did want to add some of my own flair to my presents!

These turned out so cute and were SUPER easy to make! I bought a pack of brown gift bags from Michael's craft store and used my own watercolor paint and gold oil based sharpie.
Step one is to simply pick a couple colors and paint a nice blob onto the bag! Blob seems like an unprofessional word to use but I really think it is the most accurate word for the shape I made on the bags! I chose a color each bag and blended in matching colors to give it an overall fun look!
Step two (after allowing the paint to dry of course) I take my oil based sharpie (it is pretty important that it's oil based, that way the water color doesn't effect the pen) and draw on any Christmas themed saying I want, I found that looking up some cute Pinterest things helped inspire what I wrote!
Step three is optional but I took some Christmas stamps and stamped the back of a gift tag and then wrote the "To:" and "From:" on the opposite side.

And VOILA you've got some cute and totally unique Christmas gift bags!

The thing I love about these is that it is totally universal and can be used for anything like birthdays!

I hope your Christmas season is full of love and joy! If you try this packaging style SEND ME PICS!! I'd LOVE to see your beautiful creations!


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