Fall Into Season

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Ya know whats the most frustrating thing about living in California? It's Autumn and its 87 degrees out today! All I ask for is some sweater weather, is that so bad???
Anyhow Autumn is probably my favorite season over all. I'm so obsessed with the changing of the leaves and the comfort of the season. So how do you celebrate fall? Today I'm going to discuss my top three things that I do to ring in the season!

  1. Get a Pumpkin Spice Frappucino. Is this surprising at all? I think a majority of people agree that getting a PSF/PSL is the way you can tell it is Fall. Enough said.
  2. See all the decorations at Disneyland! I know going to disneyland isn't something every one can easily do but if you have the chance I highly recommend! The new decorations in California Adventures are truly spooktacular! Of course you also have to take a picture in front of the giant Mickey Mouse pumpkin!
  3. Craft! Do any Autumn themed craft! I grabbed some pumpkin wood masks and painted them for a party photo booth and I love how they came out! I did one just a regular pumpkin with a little detailing around it and one sugar skull themed!
Those are my personal favorite things to do to ring in the Autumn season! What do you like to do to celebrate this cozy season? Let me know below!


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