DIY Laptop Case

Saturday, September 2, 2017

I've had my laptop I'd say for 5-7 years now and yes, I did just get my first case for it.
I have no idea what I was waiting for but I'm so stinking glad I finally invested in one because it's SO IMPORTANT!! You need to keep expensive items safe and a computer is no joke, especially considering it's basically my life!

I bought this gold case from amazon but make sure you are buying a case that fits your laptop! My laptop isn't the newest and has a spot for DVDs. Check the model number on your laptop to make sure it will fit before you buy!

But of course I couldn't just leave it looking this bare! I headed over to Redbubble and searched for the perfect stickers to dress up my case! Honestly I just picked whatever I felt spoke to me! Luckily they have sales ALL THE TIME so make sure to wait for those!
Once I got the stickers I laid them out how I felt was perfect and VOILA! My new laptop case! I'm so in love with how it turned out and I hope you try this unique styling yourself! Make sure to send my pictures if you do!

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Who said life couldn't be a fairy tale?

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