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Friday, August 18, 2017

Summer. A time where the Earth is extremely hot... but also beautiful and full of energy. Summer brings a feeling of love and youthfulness to the world. It's the time of the year where your worries can fade and you're able to adventure wherever your heart leads.

Summer always feels like a bridging point in my life. Typically this has to do with my grade in school changing and it still does but this summer has been major for me. As I enter my senior year of high school I am dealing with growing up and becoming more independent. This summer I got my second job ever and I love it so much. I got to go on an amazing vacation with my wonderful family and got to continue exploring new places near my home.

I love the summer. It is not my favorite season but it is up there in the list. I love looking at the symbolism of seasons in literature to better embrace what the deeper meaning is. Summer is typically a time for love, lust, and being young. If you read a lot you'll see it occurs a ton: A romance sprouting in summer, summer loves, or going on a journey and exploring as a young adult. Each season has its beauty and this one I believe is made of happiness and friendliness. There is a reason during school you can't wait for summer. The intense feeling of yearning to have time to yourself, time to spend with friends, and time to relax and not worry. Summer is simply divine.

I'm not much of a school person so the idea of going back does not urge me to get up and dance however as life goes on new doors open and I am excited to see what opportunities come my way. I hope each and everyone of you made the most of your summer. One of my favorite memories was going to the beach with my gal pals and having a fruit photo shoot! Or as we like to call it a fruit-o shoot! It's moments like these that really make you appreciate the little things in life and how important friends can be.

Now if you want to do a fruit-o shoot of your own: GO TO THE 99 CENT STORE!! Trust me the amount you touch these you won't want to eat them so go buy the cheapest fruit! We took our pictures at the beach and the bees were ALL OVER US, so if you're allergic or just scared like I am: prepare for the bees! Have fun with it! This was probably one of my favorite photo shoots of all time because of how simple and fun it was able to be. So grab some friends, fruit, and a camera and go snap some memories!

Good luck to everyone going back to school! Make the most of this school year and try not to stress the small stuff! Let me know what your favorite memory from this summer was in the comments!

Now who said life isn't a fairytale?

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