Favorites: August

Saturday, August 26, 2017

It seems to me like each month I discover more and more goodies to fall in love with. Anyone with me? Either I heard about some new product on a blog post or I'm wondering around target and stumble upon something I KNOW will be useful. (Sometimes it's a flop but we look past that haha)

Heres a list of my current monthly faves and new obsessions!

1. Neutrogena Pore Cleanser Mask (Purchased From Target). I'm typically the worst when it comes to washing my face but this honestly makes it more tolerable. It can be used in two ways, a daily cleanser or a mask. Since I typically don't wash my face daily I like the mask because it's more intense and only takes roughly 7 minutes to get a good cleanse!

2. Spiral Hair Ties (shopmissa) THESE ARE AMAZING! I think it is such a common issue for hair ties to make dents in my hair. Considering I spend a lot of time getting my hair ready I don't need a simple hair tie ruining it, so these are life savers and SO cheap!

3. Forever 21 Honestly no item in particular. This store has been my favorite go to for back to school shopping! Also they give 15% off if you show your student ID so just another plus to shopping there!

4. Adidas (famous footwear) Im not one who typically gets into new fashion trends, however i've been DYING to get my hands on these shoes! Shoes are my absolute favorite accessory but I wasn't excited to pay $80 for a pair. Luckily famous footwear is having a buy one get one 50% off sale so I ended up only paying $45 for mine!

5. Journal/Agenda Journaling and following my planner is something I always wish I was better at but this month I have actually been able to step up my game with both of them and it has made life 10x easier! I highly recommend using these items to help stay organized and ease your life.

See ya next week!
Now who said life isn't a fairytale?



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