D23 Expo 2017!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

It's the most wonderful convention of the yeeeeaaaarrrrr!
At least to me it is. But technically it's the most wonderful convention of every other year since it only occurs every other year!

D23 is Disney's official fan club. The expo is where all us crazy Disney fans come together and obsess over the amazing displays they show or the absolutely grand panels!

This year I was only able to attend one day of the three day convention but none the less it was still magical. This was my second year attending and I'm here to share my experience as well as some tips!

My biggest tip for anyone is start SLOWLY. If you've never been to a convention then I suggest going one or two days your first year and working up to the craziness of all three because trust me it is EXHAUSTING! However it is such an amazing experience so I also suggest just go for it!

The first day of d23 typically has some good small panels such as mousequerade (a fashion show of peoples cosplays) and many others, but nothing compares to Saturdays panels. The two big ones are the live action panel and the parks and resorts. If these mean a lot to you to see be ready to sit for hours in line, but trust me it is totally WORTH IT! Sunday is a really good day for just exploring around the convention center floor and purchasing souvenirs! Another tip: give yourself a spending limit (you'll thank me later!)

I only attended Sunday so I got to have a pretty laid back day which was really nice. My one day ticket cost $80 so if you're planning on attending start saving now! you have two years so it shouldn't be an issue! A good tip to add is if you have the money get a d23 gold membership! This will allow you to skip the terrible line and just stroll on in. I haven't done this yet but after dealing with the unorganized line the past two conventions I've decided this is necessary for the next convention.

Bring snacks!! It is totally allowed and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! Ain't nobody got time for a lunch break when you have panels to get to and merch to buy! Personally I get tired really easily so it was really nice to have an energy bar on hand in order to get some quick fuel! Along with this also bring your own water bottle cause you will need it!

If you're wondering what type of outfit you should wear I suggest something with a light jacket cause the main floor is veryyyyy cold. I actually decorated my own denim jacket to be rapunzel themed which was so awesome cause I was able to have a little Disney magic on me all day!

I really hope this helped you and if you attended the convention this year let me know in the comments below what you thought! Also check out my youtube for a D23 expo video!!

Love you forever!

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