Let's make it PINK!

Friday, June 16, 2017

For a couple weeks now I've really been craving a change to my hair. I absolutely LOVE messing with my hair! It will grow back so even if I do something horrendous to it, I know it will come back strong.
I've only done a couple things to my hair previously. I dyed the ends purple a couple years back, and for about a year have had a balayage because I love being blonde a lot more than being brunette to tell you the truth!
I know blonde is a great summer color but honestly I just wanted to add a little something fun to it for the summer because why not. When you're young I think this is the time to go crazy with your hair if your allowed to! I'm lucky enough to have a job that allows colored hair so naturally I just had to take advantage of the opportunity and dye my hair PINK!!

My hair was already super light because of the balayage so it to the dye really well. I used the brand Ion: Brights Semi permanent hair color in the shade magenta. The process was simple. We got a hair dye bowl and brush and squeezed out one bottle of the dye in it, we also added a little bit of cheap white conditioner just to make the dye a little smoother and easier to use. Once that was all mixed together I had my friend go through and dye my hair. She applied a thick amount to my desired length and let it sit for 20 minutes. Then we added a lighter layer above that for the last 20 minutes to have the color blend nicely.

After the 40 minutes total we washed out the dye in the shower. I also bought a little conditioner packet from Sally's that helps the dye stay longer. After that I dried and styled it and it turned out just how i wanted it! I'm absolutely obsessed with the outcome! My main thing was the blend from brown hair to blonde to pink and I think it turned out perfectly. 

I will add after one day in the sun I did feel it fade a tad so I plan to buy a magenta shampoo from Sally's that I had initially returned because I was a little afraid of it ruining my blonde but I'll just have to be super careful. The shampoo is super strong but in the sense of m pink I think it will work perfectly.

I hope y'all love this new change as much as I do and I'm excited to share some updates with you as I go!

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