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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Lazy, rainy Sundays to me are a PERFECT reason to sit down and make an update blog post! I've recently been working hard to make this blog the best it can be! I have plans to make some summer inspired DIY posts soon, as well as some traveling/adventuring blog posts.
School certainly has been kicking me in the butt lately but with our school musical being over I've had A LOT more free time on my hands! (Which has consisted of me napping and cleaning my room) I can't even believe school ends in a month but I am so happy! Summer is the best because there is so much time to do new things and go to new places. I am just dying to check out some new coffee shops!

I decided I needed some pictures specifically for blog purposes and probably did one of my favorite photoshoots by far the other day. The glitter and paint were a pain to get off but totally worth it for these BEAUTIFUL PICTURES!! 
(photos taken by @koaflores on instagram)

I find that if things aren't working out we tend to get unmotivated or at least a little angry with the situation. Or at least thats me with a lot of situations! Especially with this blog.
Starting a blog was and idea I had thrown around for quite some time and it took a lot in me to actually start it. As some may know I started the blog on square space and felt like I wasn't getting enough creative freedom out of it, especially with the price I was paying per month. 
So I decided to move on from square space and move to blogger. 

For a while it really wasn't working for me, the templates were difficult to work with, I couldn't figure out how to make a logo on photoshop, and my motivation levels plummeted. However I knew I wasn't done blogging so one Saturday I suddenly found the motivation and sat at my computer all day figuring out the logistics of making my logo and making my page look as nice as possible. I'm extremely happy with how things are working out and can only pray to God that it all continues on the same positive path. 

I really hope you all are enjoying these posts and I'd love to hear some feedback in the comments or like my Facebook page (Rachel's Fairytale). You can also follow me on instagram @rachelsfairytale or on snapchat @rachfairytale

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