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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

With summer just around the corner, it always seems like this is the busiest time of year. Luckily I've made it through each test, banquet, and award show alive and well. Now I just have a couple more days until my junior year of high school will be officially over and I go into my senior year (aka the best year).
This also means a lot of changes are happening. I've been thinking lately about college and the future. And let me tell you IT'S NOT EASY! College is a massive commitment and honestly I am not sure when the last time I made this big of a decision. I'm currently looking into FIDM for interior design and because of this I've been extremely motivated to redo my room and make it not only the place I sleep at night but also a place to hang out and that is creative and inspiring for when I do work. I recently got a part-time job so I can finally financially fund my new ideas.

Right now however I am starting simple and cheap with a cute pot up-cycling that I keep seeing all over pinterest.
These are so easy to do and SO cheap. All you have to do is buy a pot, honestly ANY planting pot from Michaels or Hobby Lobby or wherever. I got mine from Daiso where everything is a $1.50. So in total these cost me roughly $5.00 since I had some of the materials on hand. You also are going to need a sharpie as well as some cute plants to put in your pots! I chose fake plants and flowers since I kill any plant, including succulents.

The steps are simple, grab your pots and your sharpie and draw two eyes on it with eyelashes and a mouth! I even decided to add freckles to one of mine to make them each unique in their own way. I honestly love how different the pots are because it adds such a fun flare to each face. Like I said before the flowers are all fake and I really wanted something bright for the summer. The yellow of the flowers is very fun and subtle. My plan will hopefully be to change the flowers out to match the seasons.

I really hope you enjoyed this small DIY! I'll have more bedroom updates as summer goes on so be on the lookout for those! If you aren't subscribed already make sure to sign up to get updates through your email to know when I post!

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