Spring Dapper Day 2017

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Dapper Day: undeniably the best day of the year! Now that may not be everyones opinion, but if you are a huge Disneyland fan, I can almost assume you agree with that statement!

Dapper Day is a fan made event that occurs twice a year. The first occurs in Spring and the second in the Fall. It is simply a day to dress up in your Sunday best and having a good time at Disneyland! Its vintage based fashion, as if you were there in 1955 walking down Main Street with your favorite girl friends or that special boy! There are no set rules to Dapper Day as far as what era you must wear and such, people dress in flapper attire to a poodle skirt.

This year I decided to Disney Bound as Honeylemon from Big Hero 6! I typically make my own dress but this year I was short on time and found that amazon became my best friend! I bought a vintage yellow dress and pink vintage cat eye glasses. My fascinator had a chemistry flask I made out a plastic bottle from my local craft store along with yellow flowers and pink mesh materials.

This day has so many adventures in it! The best part in my opinion is the Dapper Day expo held in the Disneyland Hotel. This is open to the public and you don't need a Disneyland ticket to get in. In this expo there are plenty of small businesses selling items and booths selling vintage clothing. There are plenty of photo opportunities and a dance floor to watch people swing dance or for you to get up on your own feet and try it out yourself! Check out the dapper day instagram to get information on upcoming Dapper Days!
(Pictures by @koaflores on Instagram)

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