Once Upon a New Year!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

“New year, new me!” That’s what most people are posting on all of their social media on January 1st, but I’m more of the “New year, keep growing me.” 2017 has a ton of potential as it acts like a clean slate.
The new year brings opportunities for everyone to grow and become a better version of what they already are. So here is my first blog post ever. Welcome to Rachel’s Fairytale! As today is January 1st I’m going to talk about my 10 new years resolutions I’ve made for myself to hopefully accomplish this year.
  1. Eat healthier! Having a healthier diet is pretty important to me, rather than eating cookies when I get hungry, I want to be able to grab something healthy. This isn’t anything about losing weight, just wanting to treat my body better.
  2. Go on a walk at least three times a week! This again is just to better my body and make me feel healthier and happier. Something simple like a thirty minute walk around my neighborhood just to take time to enjoy nature and life will not only be a nice and relaxing time, but could be beneficial to my health.
  3. Try ten new foods! We all have had that moment where we assume we don’t like a food yet have never tried that food. Well I personally would like to expand my food options. Whether I end up enjoying the foods I try or learn that I could live without some, at least my opinions on the food will have something backing them up.
  4. Create five dresses! Sewing has been a hobby of mine for a couple years now and I constantly am wanting to be working on new projects but make the excuse that I have no time, so I am hoping by having this resolution I am able to actually accomplish some new creations and hopefully use techniques I’m not familiar with to expand my current knowledge of the art. 
  5. Read more! I’ve never been one to read a ton and I don’t think I will ever be someone who picks up a book to read just for the fun of it, but it wouldn’t hurt if I finished a book or two in my spare time rather than binge watching some TV show on Netflix.
  6. Stay positive! Positivity. I think its something everyone should live by but sometimes times are rough and we don’t. However I like to see the glass half full and I like to take in the beautiful moments of life and make them last, but as we all know sometimes that is difficult and so I am just hoping I can push away the negativity inside of me and focus more on the brighter side.
  7. Appreciate more! So often I find people doing wonderful things for me in any situation and I want to show my gratitude to those amazing people the best I can.
  8. Sleep!!! This one is pretty unrealistic because of my constantly busy schedule, but if I could simply go to bed 30 minutes earlier rather than scroll through Twitter and Instagram, I think that would be amazing.
  9. Stop procrastinating! I think most people are guilty of this horrible habit and we all need to get together to beat the nasty curse of doing things last minute.
  10. Start a blog! Obviously this one is somewhat accomplished already, however I want to push myself to keep up with it. This is definitely one of those things I’ve been saying I’d love to do for the past couple months, but I kept considering an unreachable goal and well, I’m very happy to say I’ve reached it. It may not be perfect right now, but as time continues and the year goes on I have hope that this blog will grow just as much as I will. 
    I hope everyone had an adventurous and safe New Years Eve! Cheers to a successful year of happiness and friendship.
Remember to Choose Happiness :)

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