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Today I Am Thankful

That moment you realize Thanksgiving is next week and you get to stuff your face with food and not feel bad... but then you also realize IT IS ALREADY THANKSGIVING?!?! I know we all say it every year but dang this year for sure went by fast. How did that even happen? The crazy thing is my one year anniversary for my blog is also coming up, unbelievable!

Food Guide: Ellie's Table

What is better than a cozy little restaurant with delicious food for good prices? Uh, nothing, duh. Being a blogger I think just automatically makes it your job to test out cute breakfast places and I really am not opposed to this job.

The Final Show: Homecoming

I cannot believe I am a senior in high school. Truthfully I still think I'm a tiny freshman, wandering lost around the school, but then I remember I only have a couple months left in this place until I am let free into the real world.

Fall Into Season

Ya know whats the most frustrating thing about living in California? It's Autumn and its 87 degrees out today! All I ask for is some sweater weather, is that so bad???